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Dental Exams / Check-ups At Your Holland & Toledo Ohio Dentist

A comprehensive dental examination is a critical part of preventative health care. During your dental exam, the doctor will evaluate your dental health, including checking for tooth decay (existing as well as your risks for developing future tooth decay), gum disease, bone loss and other potential serious health problems that should be treated or prevented. At the first visit, and then after developing the proper schedule based on your dental condition and needs, the doctor will request that X-rays or other diagnostic procedures be administered in order to better prevent, diagnose and treat dental and oral health conditions. If you have recently had dental X-rays taken at another office, we will just need to have the X-rays transferred to our office before the exam or before any treatment can be performed.

Additionally, Dr. Natalie Nechvatal will check your upper neck, jaw, facial joint (Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ) and mouth for their general condition and the presence of any abnormalities. Other areas of focus during the exam may include:

The examination is separate from any cleaning, scaling or root planing treatment that you might also be scheduled for on the same appointment or day. It is designed to work in concert with regular cleanings as part of building and maintaining a strong and healthy smile.

Dental exams at Light Touch Dental Care give you the opportunity to ask questions or bring up concerns about your oral health or how your oral health is affecting the rest of your body. Whether your questions are about nagging toothaches, how to brush or floss better, or how to get your teeth whiter, you have the opportunity to bring up any question at any time.

Tip: If you want to be sure to ask specific questions to the team at Light Touch Dental Care, make a list of the items that concern you and bring them with you at your next appointment. We'll be happy to address any and all of your concerns or questions.

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